Daniel Sam Testing Company was established in Yerevan, Armenia to provide equipment for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries and by employing experienced experts in this field, our company tend to collaborate in related projects.

The goals that distinct us from other suppliers is in providing the best quality material for oil, gas and petrochemical industries from the most prestigious brands and manufacturers all around the world.

Services that we could offer are a full support through projects from the first step into the last stage, from supplying the material to finalizing inspection and delivery. Related to quality, reliability, and services

Why choose us?

Fuel Oil Testing

Keeping an eye on the quality of your oil and fuel through regular oil testing has never been so important. With the FAME content in fuels seemingly always on the rise, coupled with the ever reducing presence of sulphur levels, the risk of contamination to your fuel and oil is now higher than ever before. ٌe can test all oils to included engine, gear, transformer, the list is almost endless! Please give us a call on the number below to talk in more detail about the specific oils or fuels that you would like to be tested.

ASTM Petroleum Test Methods

ASTM test methods for the full range of petroleum and petroleum refined products are available from Intertek on a global basis. ASTM test methods are petroleum industry standards, accepted worldwide for quality and reliability.

Petroleum Cargo Inspection & Testing Services

Working to international standards, Inspectorate has a team of experienced IFIA certified surveyors working at ports, refineries and storage locations across the region.